The global consumption of concrete is second to global water consumption. More than 70% of people live in concrete buildings, and for this reason we are aware of our responsibility toward construction and our contribution to global sustainability goals.

We construct buildings characterised by functionality and sustainability. Varis prefabricated bathrooms are environmentally friendly and awarded with globally recognised certificates, such as DGNB and LEED. They combine innovations, such as the use of lightweight concrete to improve energy efficiency and safety, which help to extend the life cycle of buildings.

As an example of sustainable operation, in 2021, the SPIRIT Slovenia national agency appointed Varis an ambassador of the Slovenian economy


DGNB and LEED certificate at the global level

Varis prefabricated bathrooms are an integral part of sustainable buildings awarded with DGNB and LEED certificates.

Our projects awarded with LEED or DGNB certificates:

Tower One Frankfurt – DGNB platinum, Germany;
Hotel Flare of Frankfurt – DGNB gold, Germany;
Hotel Scandic Frankfurt – DGNB gold, Germany;
Apartmenthouse Ingolstadt – DGNB gold, Germany;
Wohnheim Kunigundenstrasse Nürnberg – DGNB gold, Germany;
Hotel Elbtower Hamburg – LEED platinum, WELL platinum and HafenCity Umweltzeichen.

In-house certified laboratory

Our products are tested in our in-house certified laboratory in accordance with the SiST EN 206:1+A1:2016 and SiST 1026:2016 systems. We perform incoming control of raw materials and consumables, daily quality control and in-process controls of performance.

Leading position with lightweight green concrete

We are a leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly lightweight concrete with the weight of approximately 1,600 kg/m3. Our developmental goal is to further reduce the weight of concrete by at least 30%.

Green innovation:
comprehensively optimised process chain

Unique green innovation: The Varis process chain – the Nature Formula: LSCC – GK – provides comprehensive treatment of the product. It comprises all aspects of sustainability, sustainable construction, building life cycle and intelligent design of the product.

Lean LSCC GK wall:
more space, reduced costs

A self-supporting structural element adjusts the space to the user’s needs and increases the useful surface of the prefabricated bathroom module. This reduces the weight of the product as well as maintenance costs, and provides fire resistance, thermal conductivity and sound insulation.

300 materials with a material passport

There are up to 300 different materials used in one prefabricated bathroom. By providing a material passport, Varis ensures the traceability of materials, enables transparent choice based on established material characteristics, and provides information on the best ways of processing and reuse.

Double step:
digitalisation for sustainability

Digitalisation and automation are carried out with the aim of constant enhancement of quality and development. Not only of technology, but also of knowledge and skills. The master builders of prefabricated bathrooms constantly invest their time and resources in obtaining and strengthening the competences that provide our partners with excellent quality.

Energy efficient and sustainable with a photovoltaic plant

We have our own photovoltaic plant that annually generates more energy than we use. More than 50% of water used in production is reused.

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