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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. In this way, the website recognizes you, remembers the information about your visit and enables a friendly and simpler online service. With the help of cookies, we customize the content on our website, remember your preferences and record visits to our website. Browsing our website is more pleasant, faster and more efficient with cookies.

Cookies are crucial to providing user-friendly online services. With their help, the website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, thus saving time and browsing the websites more efficiently and friendly. Cookies can also be used for user tracking and advertising purposes.

We use the following cookies on our website:

Analysis cookies
A cookies intended for analytics and measuring website traffic.

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Disabling cookies

Users can decide for themselves whether to allow the use of cookies. You can control and change cookies settings in your web browser. Information on cookie settings (for various web browsers) is available at the following links:

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